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Waterfolk is a interior styling company & art shop based in Rochester, MN. 


"I am OBSESSED with the final result and really want to share because I think these ladies are insanely talented. I want to shout this from the rooftops because I'm such a happy customer!"

Betsy, Rochester, MN

"I didn't tell my husband you ladies were coming today and when he got home, I got this text from him: 

What on earth happened in our house?!?!? It’s incredible!!

Thank you ladies for helping us settle into our house, we love it."

Kerri, Rochester, MN

Just wanted to let you know we love everything!!! Perfection! 

Sarah, Rochester, MN

You nailed it! Well done. I am really happy with your work! I have more projects to send your way. Thanks again!

Joshua, Byron, MN

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